Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pink Champagne Cupcakes and Politics

Ashland, Oregon, has got to be one of the most charming, hipster little cities I have ever been to. 

When we arrived Wednesday evening,
 I was convinced I needed to transfer to SOU. 
The city is surrounded by rolling hills covered in evergreen trees, and the buildings are quaint, reflecting the Shakespearean culture of Ashland. And everyone there owns a bike. 

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival happened to be going on the 
same week as we were there, 
so the city was teeming with tourists enjoying 
all the vegan friendly restaurants and the many lovely little book stores. 

It also happened to be beautiful weather, and as everyone knows, I'm a sucker for the sunshine!

Wednesday evening, we picked up dinner at a vegan friendly, organic restaurant called Pangea. 
While in Rome.... 

Eat like the Romans. And a tofu, spinach, and feta panini was the perfect way to do that! Don't ever be afraid to try new things, my friends. This was beyond delicious. 

Me, Emily (our advisor), and Lacey!

 Afterword, we headed to The Yogurt Hut for some fro yo. It was Lacey's first experience with frozen yogurt, and we knew we needed to introduce her to it! Needless to say, she is now obsessed. 

Also, they offered carob chips for toppings! I was dying. Not necessarily because they are that good or anything, but carob chips are SO co-op. If you don't know what those are, its okay. 
You just probably don't belong in Ashland. 

The REAL reason we were even there in the first place was the OSA Leadership Training Conference. Because I'm going to be president next year of ASG, I can definitely use all the training I can get. And Lacey, as a newcomer on ASG, definitely benefited as well. 

It was a good experience, for sure.
 I loved meeting all of the other students. 
I learned a lot about how to manage my team next year. 

But it was also funny.
The days were long and packed. 
All the meals they gave us were gluten free and vegan friendly (So OSA).
And we got asked our preferred gender preference every five minutes. 

Sometimes, being from Idaho, I forget how different Oregon really is from my home state! Especially politically. But I'm really glad to be on student government, because I'm learning SO MUCH about politics and how everything works. 

Despite the busy conference, 
we definitely got some down time to enjoy Ashland. 

Time for reading in the park. 

And cloud watching. 

And PINK CHAMPAGNE cupcakes!!!!!

Gourmet cupcakes are now 
my favorite things, EVER. 
Also pictured: Grasshopper Mint and White Chocolate Raspberry

If I don't become a missionary, 
or news anchor, or journalist, 
or talk show host, or actress....

Cupcake baker is definitely next on my list. 
Heck. I'll just do it all. 

I also got in all of my runs, while there. Which meant getting up extra early to run with the sunrise. 
But I could not have been happier. I have been loving running lately, and exploring such a cute, biker friendly little city made the runs like an adventure!

After the conference and the 10 hour drive home, I'm exhausted. 
But it was definitely a good experience. 

Have any of you ever been to Ashland? 

What's your favorite kind of cupcake? :)


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