Friday, June 1, 2012

June :)

Today is a very special day.

For a whole plethora of reasons. But I'll just list a few.

1. It is the first day of June. And since June is a summer month, that means the first day of summer! (Not for me, technically, quite yet... I still have two more weeks. But my mom, who is a sixth grade teacher, is thrilled to be done with school today!)

2. Today marks the one year anniversary of me moving back to America from Paris, France. It seems like a decade ago.

3. Apparently, it's National Donut Day! So that's pretty fantastic. I'm proud to live in a country that dedicates a whole day to the celebration of deep fried pastries.

Via Pinterest

How will I celebrate such a special day?

Well, I have to finish up a 15 page paper and create an oral presentation.

But that will probably be interspersed with playing with this little guy...

and soaking up some of the gorgeous sunshine...

and some iced coffee...
Via pinterest, again. I'm not a photographer, unfortunately!

and a donut, of course :)

Happy June 1st everyone!!!!

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