Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kicking Off My Favorite Holiday!

I love all holidays. 
Even the little ones that no one really pays attention to. 
I'll take any excuse to celebrate a day! Life's more fun that way! 

But there is something about the 4th of July...

1. It falls during the summer, which is my favorite season. 
2. Everyone barbecues and hangs out in the sunshine all day. 
3. Red, white, and blue go really well together. 
4. I love America!
5. And I LOVE fireworks. I may be a little bit of a pyromaniac, actually. But just a little :)

So last night, I was obviously going to go to the Treasure Valley's annual God and Country Festival.

I go every year, and I can't get enough of the live music, all of the people, and the fair atmosphere!

I had made plans with my cousin Alex to hang out last night, 
so we went together and met up with his girl friend Ashley and our friend Raquel. 

My favorite thing about festivals and fairs is the free stuff! 
I'm five years old and get really excited about things like balloons. 

Fair food! 
I'm actually not a fan of corn or lemonade 
(the roasted candied almonds and funnel cakes are are a different story), but how cute is this??? 

They like free stuff too :)

I really hope there are fireworks in Heaven!!!!!

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