Friday, March 25, 2011

Le mois de Mars...

In the last month, my new favorite thing about Paris has definitely become the parks here.  Le Jardin du Luxembourg on a day like today is flooded with Parisians lounging around on lawn chairs soaking up the sun and eating their butter and cheese baguette sandwiches (I wish that I were making that up, but it’s actually a favorite food item here) . There are tons of joggers, soccer balls bouncing everywhere, and people tanning in swimsuits while reading books. The flowers are in bloom. The Eiffel Tower is just peeking up above the trees in the background, and everywhere you look, there are people making out. La Ville d'Amour for sure. This is the Paris that people fall in love with when they come here on vacation! 

This month has gone by really fast, and it almost scares me to think how fast April and May are going to go. I hung out a lot this month around the Sorbonne area in the 5eme. It’s becoming one of my favorite areas because tons of students hang out around there. 

March started off with me finally getting to go to Versailles (the most amazing castle ever), which I have been excited about since I got here. It is obviously gorgeous, and the gardens are seriously immense and stretch on forever. It’s by far one of the prettiest things I have seen since I have been here!

Something that I never expected to happen to me in Paris of all places happened also… I met Katy Perry. Apparently, her parents (who are pastors) are friends with the people I live with… (who are also pastors of a church here that Katy’s parents have preached in!) So they gave us free, front and center V.I.P. tickets to her concert along with meet and greet passes. I didn’t even know that I was going until the day of! But it was so much fun. We got to talk for a little while, and she is actually really nice (I know people always say that when they meet famous people, but she is). :)

I just booked tickets to go to Dublin the beginning of April with an American friend too! Actually, we just met… but we both wanted to go to Dublin and are becoming friends really quickly :) That’s just what you do… you meet people, you travel. I love it. We will just stay in hostels and explore the city for a few days, and I am SO excited to get to do some real backpack traveling. I get to go to Normandie (in the north of France) for a few days too in April, so I’m sure the month is going to fly by… And then it will be May!! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for May. :)