Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's Play Catch-Up!

I'm fully aware that its Tuesday, but I thought I'd go ahead and fill you all in with some happenings from the weekend. Because I have a half an hour before dinner and I know you are super interested :)

I spent a good majority of my Saturday in downtown Boise. And I can't even explain to you how happy that makes me. I love Boise. But mostly just because I love downtown. 

Saturday morning began with a stroll through the Saturday market with my best friend!

Neither of us had been before, which is crazy, because we have lived in Boise for a long time!
After sampling everything from organic dried fruit to homemade toffee, 
we decided that we needed ice cream!
So sheep's milk ice cream it was! You have to try everything once, right?? 

We eventually ended up at Thomas Hammer coffee and chatted for awhile. 

I love this girl. 

Then she left and I skyped my French family!!!! In the coffee shop's back room. It was really nice to finally talk to them again... its been a long time! We had an appointment, but I wasn't at home... thus the coffeeshop skype-session. 

A visit to the hospital to see my baby nephew and sister was next!!!

THATS RIGHT!!!! I'm an aunt!!!! This is Benton Grier. I am truly in love with him. He was seven weeks premature, but he is a fighter!!! Please be praying for the little guy! 

My sister is going to be such a good mom :)

After finishing up on a paper and a lot of other homework, I spent Saturday evening at a ballet recital (oh how I miss it) and a coffee shop downtown listening to live music. Perfection. 

A perfect Saturday to get me through this crazy busy dead week. Yeah, I don't know why they even call it that. Summer's so close I can taste it!!!

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