Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Tangent Tuesday!

Because I'm too lazy to connect my thoughts into a coherent blog, 
and I'm not even clever enough to come up with a unique title.... 
I had to steal the idea of "Tangent Tuesday" 
from some other blogs that I follow.
 But I think it's cute, and I love getting in on the trends, so here goes

1. I get to stay at my actual house this week with my family! I am subbing in the office at my school's other campus, which is much closer to my house than to the dorms, so I will be here all week!
Meridian > Ontario, so I am one happy girl :)

2. Last night my dad sent me to the store to buy ingredients to make him chocolate chip cookies. Of course, I was happy to do so! I'm on such a baking kick lately, and you all know how I feel about cookie dough! So we ate cookies and watched the Olympic trials. It was a perfectly lovely evening.

3. Speaking of the Olympic trials... So impressed by these guys!

Sara Hall made it to finals with third place in the Steeple Chase!!! These girls are unreal strong.

Lauren Fleshman, another one of my favorite runners, 
made it to finals in the 5k after battling an injury all year. She barely started running four weeks ago! 
Impressed? Yeah. Check out her blog where she talks about it! 

Of course she's exhausted! So proud of her!

And finally, Nick Symmonds, a Boise local (who I actually go to meet!!!!) got first in the 800 yesterday. He made it to the first round in Beijing in the last Olympics, 
but I'm really rooting for him to go all the way this time!
 This is shaping up to be a good year for track :) 

4. I got Ryan Hall's book in the mail yesterday. So excited to read it!!!! 

5. Since I'm home for the whole week, I scheduled all the appointments I needed to make. That means this week is full of visits to the dentist, car appointments, and the doctor. Fun. 

6. I love following Christine Caine's blog, and I especially loved her blog this morning. Here is a link to that and a youtube devotional she just started doing. She is so passionate about God and sharing his love, and it blessed me so much. She is honestly one of my heros. 

7. Have you seen these? Anyone who knows me knows that pink frosted animal cookies are among my favorite things in the whole world. But this is not okay. 

I'll take my pretty, pink cookies, thank you. 
No radioactive cookies for me

Whats your favorite sport to watch in the Olympic Trials? 
Have you tried Jungle Animal cookies? 

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