Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Runs And Bad Runs

I have been loving running lately.

This month is all about easy runs and getting back 
into the swing of things after a three week post season break. 
I'm really grateful to my coach about that, because heaven knows my body and mind needed a break. 

But now I feel like running even when I don't have to. 

Last Sunday, in the middle of the heated day, I felt like going on a run. 
Even though there was nothing on the schedule. And I went. And I loved it. 

Last night, after a ten hour drive back from Ashland, I felt like going on a run. 
And I did. And it felt amazing!!!

This morning was a different story.

From the minute I started out for my long run (just 80 minutes this week), I felt miserable and tired

It could have been because I had just gone running 12 hours before. 
Or because I was exhausted from the weeks festivities. 
Or maybe I just wasn't feeling it today. 

But about halfway through, I got the worst side stitch I have gotten in years running. Such bad pain, I literally wanted to quit running. And I have a pretty high pain tolerance. 
I did stop to change my ipod, but I made myself keep going. 

The side stitch was maybe due to the apple I ate before setting off 
(I have to eat something before morning long runs, or I'll run out of steam). 
But that has never led to such a bad cramp before! 
Thankfully, the pain went away about fifteen minutes later. The tiredness, however, didn't. 

What's my point? 

There are good runs and bad runs. 
Days where all you feel like doing is waking up and running with the sunrise, and days when getting out of bed to go pound the pavement couldn't sound more miserable. 

Days where you feel like you want to run across the country, 
and days when you just want to run home. 

Days where your thoughts are rolling and you are inspired, 
and days when running could not be more boring. 

You just have to take the good with the bad, like anything in life. Nothing is ever 100% perfect, 100% of the time. But you finish. You fight through. 

Thats what I did today. I just finished. 
I didn't freak out and worry about how I'm going to get through a whole summer of runs like that. 
I just let myself feel accomplished and remembered how lovely some of my other runs have been. 

Tomorrow is my rest day, but I'll be hitting the gym for some lifting.
 I love lifting for some odd reason, so I'm excited :) 

Anther Monday! Here we go! 

Have you been watching the Olympic Trials? So impressed by Amy Hastings. And all those 10k girls!

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