Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Loving!

Between work and training for cross country, it's going to be a busy summer! 
But I still will have much more free time than I do now! Which I'm definitely looking forward too :)

So what will my summer look like?

1. It's going to include a lot of running and strength training, like I said.

2. And I'll be working Monday through Thursday 
(at my school! The ASG president scores a full time summer job apparently!) 

3. I'm going to decorate my room in the new house my parents just bought!

4. And do lots of art projects (I have been feeling so inspired lately, and I can't wait to just sit on my floor with a whole bunch of scrap booking stuff and magazines!)

5. And bake. Cupcakes, black bean brownies, quinoa cookies... I keep seeing all these interesting recipes, so why not? I'll finally have access to a kitchen (the dorm kitchen is nasty). I used to hate baking. What happened to me? 

6. I want to blog at least once every other day. 

7. Visit Priest River, Idaho, and my lovely Grandma :) Its like heaven in the summertime!!!

8. Get way better at guitar. 

9. Volunteer? The Ronald McDonald house looks like an amazing place to do this. 
I'm so impressed by them. 
They take in families of hospital patients so the families can be close to the hospital!

10. Read a book. Or two, or three. Any suggestions?

11. Hang out with my family and my little nephew :)

12. And see old friends! 

13. And finally, see my brother get married!

Aren't they perfect? 

I'm so excited for this summer. For campfires and marshmallow roasting and boating and tanning and ice cream and sleeping in and sun and camping. Should I go on?  I cannot wait!

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