Sunday, July 1, 2012

Being "Irresponsible"

Hello, July! :) 

I must admit, July has completely snuck up on me. 
I only finished two weeks ago, and its only just now starting to feel like summer! 
But nevertheless, July has arrived, and it has brought beautiful weather with it! 

I am happy to say that the last week of June was one of the best weeks 
that I have had in a long time!
I have caught up with friends, gone to amazing church services 
(I love being back at my home church!!).
 eaten copious amounts of frozen yogurt,

 bonded with my little sister, 

done art projects, 

Decorated my shelf!!!
spent money on unnecessary purchases (Starbucks)... 

 stayed out way too late,
 gotten hardly any sleep,

and all while having to get up early and run before work!!!!

The responsible girl inside of me tries so hard to drink enough water, eat healthy, get enough sleep, be frugal with money. 
She tries to be home by midnight so she can force herself 
out of bed in the morning for her runs. 

She stresses and worries about being good enough at everything that she does. 
And she always does what she should do, not necessarily what she wants to do. 

None of this is necessarily bad. Sometimes, 
you have to make sacrifices and be responsible to succeed. 

That being said... 

I am twenty years old!!!!!

 Sometimes, I just need to let a little loose.

 Stay out way too late. Spend money to go to the movies with friends, 
even when I'm trying to save. 

Be spontaneous. 

Be "Irresponsible".

I have been doing a lot of that this week. 

So I haven't slept hardly at all.

 I still got my runs in. I still made it to work. And the extra money I spent won't kill me. 

Like I have said before, it's all about balance. Moderation in all things

I am so grateful for this last week, 
and I am so excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me :) 

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