Saturday, July 14, 2012

Priest River Post Card!!!

Welcome to Priest River, Idaho!!! 


A cute little town that people pass through on the way to Priest Lake for camping!
Population: small
Things to do: Not many. 

(Except lay out in the water and relax, go boating, and eat ice cream. PERFECT for vacation)

I got to spend catching up with old friends in Spokane!!!


Spokane is THE coolest city. 
We went out to sushi, shopped around, and hit up an adorable cupcake shop!!!!

And going on lovely walks with my Grandma :)

And eating breakfast on the front porch!!

And eating THE BEST ice cream in the world
(A cherry dipped cone from Dubs = the best, cheapest ice cream ever). 

Eaten while strolling on Sandpoint Beach. 

And hanging out at my old stomping grounds......

And hiking!!!! 

I only have a couple days left here and I'm doing my best to slow down and relax. The pace here is so much slower, and life is so much more peaceful!!! Tomorrow I'll be going to my old church, and it will be fun to see how much it has changed. I moved away from here five years ago this month!!!!

Loving vacation life :)

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