Monday, July 30, 2012

A Lovely Monday Morning

I am writing this to let everyone know that for the next two weeks I will most likely be describing everything as "lovely" and saying "that's brilliant" every other sentence.

And I'm going to start calling cupcakes "fairy cakes" and the backyard a "garden". British jargon. I honestly think its lovely. I actually think it sounds just as beautiful as the French language sounds. After the time I spent in London I made a huge effort to adopt the words they use in England for awhile. And then I came back to America, and I started describing things as "cool" again. I think it's time to try again!

Plus, I need to practice for marrying a British guy one day and moving to London.

That being said, when it comes to the Olympics (I told you that's all I would talk about/think about from now on) I will never cheer on another team than my own country. Even if it is my beloved England. I have been walking around with an American flag in my pocket chanting U.S.A. everywhere I go for the last three days!

We have a friend from Paris staying at our house this week, and watching the Olympic swimming with her got rather intense when I quickly realized that she is equally as competitive as I am!

What are your guys' favorite events to watch?
I love the gymnastics! And track, of course. But it is all incredible.

What do you think about Michael Phelps getting beat?
I think Ryan Lochte is way cute, personally...

How cool is it that America sent more female athletes this year than male athletes? First time in Olympic history. AND three countries are sending a female athlete for the first time this year!!!!

It's Monday, which means the work week, which means I have much less time to watch the games. But know that I will be periodically be checking live results online. On that note, I really should get back to work. Office jobs allow for so many distractions!!! Yikes.

Have a lovely monday :)


  1. ha use all the jargon you want. I swear I have my own language sometimes when I blog. I love watching gymnastics and track. Both are so motivating even though I could never do what they do.

    1. I also love beach volleyball! Let's not forget that one!

      We can just pretend that we are Olympic athlete status. Deal? :)

  2. 1. You make me feel very "unamerican" because I am soooo behind on the Olympics (due to work and life!)
    2. I loved being with you while we carried around the American flag at the races.
    3. Where do you get your information? You inspire me ;)

    I love you

    1. You just have to stay on top of things :) But someone went to a Hawks game instead of watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. Priorities, priorities.....