Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Tuesday, and Ten Reasons to Be Happy!

1. The weather has been so hot (and beautiful) lately!!! I seriously love the heat, so this is a happy point for me! I even don't mind running in the hot weather! My body just feels better!

2. One week from today I will be on vacation
 in beautiful Northern Idaho. 

I grew up there, and it has been awhile since I have been back. I miss it. Especially in the summer time.

 I will be seeing my grandma and some old friends. 

And laying out by the river everyday!!!
And getting the best cherry chocolate dipped ice cream cone from 
the best ice cream place in the world!!! (DUBS). 

3. Tomorrow is America's birthday! And the best holiday (in my opinion). It will begin with an early morning run (I'll be wearing bright blue spandex and a red T-shirt, definitely) followed by my family's tradition breakfast in the park!! So fun!

4. I just got this shirt, and I wore it all day! It says "I love church" if you cannot tell!
It makes me really happy :) 

Don't be jealous of how beautiful I am in this picture. I can't help it. 

5. I have some really amazing friends. 

6. I don't have to work tomorrow like I did last year on the 4th! Because now I have a cool office job instead of working the drive-thru at the world's fastest sandwich shop... Jimmy John's if you were wondering. It was an okay job, but I always smelled like bread. 
Which I suppose isn't the worst smell in the world :)

7. God is so good and so in love with us! :) 

8.  I just made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast tomorrow! I have been so domestic lately. Hard to believe I really don't like cooking all that much. Just baking, so I can eat the batter :)

9. The sunset outside my kitchen window is so lovely.
 I just can't get over how beautiful life is sometimes. 


10. My sister brought her adopted baby boy home from the hospital tonight... FINALLY!!! He was born seven weeks premature, so he has been in NICU, and she has been living at the Ronald McDonald House to be with him. But he is finally healthy enough to be home!!!!

What a stud. I know I'll be his favorite aunt, because I am going to buy him everything he wants and tell him how cute he is every day. I'm so in love with this kid!!! Baby Benton :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July! Happy Birthday America!!

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