Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reasons to Smile!!!

After returning from a wonderful week-long vacation, going back to work Tuesday morning was terribly unexciting. 

Thankfully, my little sister gave me a mixed worship CD to listen to on my hour long commute back to college land. Blasting worship music and singing along is the best way to begin the work week and the day! Try it and see what I mean!!!

It's only Wednesday, and this week has already come with quite a few little challenges. Such is life, though. There are little battles every day. And you know what? That's okay!!! We are not perfect, but God is our source. And he has given us victory!!!

Plus, I have so many reasons to smile this week that the worries of life fade!!!

1. My brother in law, Anthony, is finally home from his tour in Afghanistan and on American soil!!!!! None of use, including my sister or their little adopted baby, will be reunited with him for a few weeks, but he is still home safe and sound :) He is such a hero!!!!

2. My friend Lyndsay, who was diagnosed with Leukemia about six months ago, was informed that they have found a 10 in 10 match bone marrow donor for her!!!! God is totally healing that girl. 

3. My new nephew (my sister's adopted baby), already weighs 7 1/2 pounds!! Considering that his due date isn't even for a few days, I'd say that he is looking pretty healthy! 

His life has been pretty hard so far, and even he is smiling!!!  

4. I ran the longest run of my life this last Saturday (two straight hours!!!), and I still can't help but feel accomplished. Two slow hours through the beautiful tree lined back roads of my home town. It was lovely. I was sore. So worth it!!!

5. Starbucks Via Instant Coffee. So good. Enough said. 

6. What were the Boise State football players doing yesterday morning, BSU fans ask? Well, 35 of them were at a Bible study that my youth pastor puts on. 35!!!!  How cool is that!? 

7. I figured out where I'm going to live next year: a girl's house/dorm that is run by a nice couple and is unassociated with the college. Kind of like a sorority (but with rules!!!). It's right by campus, and I think it's totally my style. I'm so excited!!!

So those are some pretty good reasons to smile, I'd say :)
If you are having an off day/week, I encourage you to make a list of some things that make you smile!!!
Positive thinking= a positive life!!!!

What's a reason you have to smile today? Leave me a comment!!! I'd love to be even happier :)

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