Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Hundred Random Thoughts

You guys. 

This is my 100th post!!! 
That is a big deal. 

No, not a "It's our two week anniversary, babe. Why didn't you remember?" kind of big deal...
But more of a milestone kind of big deal. 

I wish I had something beyond exciting to share with the world on this epic occasion, but to be honest, I did not know this was going to be my hundredth post until about... five seconds ago. So instead, I'm going to just share one hundred random thoughts. 

Don't go away! I promise that there are some valuable thoughts in this post, even if a few of them are just about chocolate chips. 

1. We picked up this bad boy from Cost-Co on Friday. There is no better snack in the world than a handful of chocolate chips. Probably only about half of this will actually go into baking. 

2. Do you remember Laguna Beach? I thought I did. But a Laguna Beach Netflix Marathon on Friday night proved me wrong. I had no idea what bad quality that show actually was. 
Luckily we enjoy making fun of bad television and we had tons of Nutella and graham crackers to keep us happy!

3. I tackled a moderately long run on Saturday morning (1 hr. and 40 min), and I really felt like I wanted to keep going. I was tired, yes. And I was definitely sunburnt (Need to buy sunscreen!!!). But I like running longer distances way better these days. 

When I got back, I felt so accomplished. Three bowls of cereal and a shower later, though, the soreness finally started to kick in! Do anyone else's hips hurt really bad after long runs? 
Oh well, it's all part of the sport!

4. The last few days have been somewhat challenging, and I found myself feeling frustrated with the fact that I still struggle with little problems, even though I am whole heartedly pursuing God. I thought "Why can't I just get my act together already?"

Today I realized, though, that instead of being embarrassed about my weaknesses or feeling vulnerable after I talk to someone about them, in my weakness He is made strong!!!! 

2nd Corinthians 12:9-10. Go read it. I even linked it so it would be easy for you :)

5. The last few days have been equally as amazing as they were challenging! And I am beyond excited to leave for vacation to this beautiful place tomorrow!

Picture courtesy of my sister Liberty :)

And I get to see my sweet grandma!!!

And this girl!!!

So apparently I just had five random thoughts!
I like to exaggerate :)

Have a lovely rest of your day!!! 

I'll be checking in while I'm on vacation from time to time, but mostly I will just be laying out by the river. Life is good. 

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