Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Power in Positivity

It has been getting dark earlier and earlier every night. 
Fall is coming. 
I can feel it, despite the 100 plus degree temperatures 
and the fact that it is only the beginning of August. 

But I don't want it to come. 
I really do not feel like being in Ontario anymore. (I love weekends when I can be in Boise!) 
Or being president of the student body on top of being a year round athlete. 
It all takes such mental and physical commitment. 
Fall, please come slowly. Because the business is going to hit hard. 

And I'm really worried about letting people down! About letting my coach down. 
About letting my advisor down. 
About letting myself down. 

Now, I'm a huge believer in positive confession. 

Meaning: your brain believes what your mouth speaks. 
What you speak has power. I creates something in the atmosphere. 
It leads your thoughts. 

I talk about positive confession with my friends all the time. I preach it daily. 
But I think that I should apply it more to my own life! 

So my plan is to make my conversations (especially when talking about next year) positive ones. 
How will I do this? 

I want to start reading the Bible more. I have been reading it sort of aimlessly these past few weeks... more out of a feeling of obligation than anything. I feel terrible confessing that, but its true. 

But God has still been speaking to me every day!!! Its wonderful, isn't it, how he isn't limited to our failures? He loves us and speaks to us and uses us all the same!!! 

Getting filled up with the Word will help me to think more positively, which will help me to speak more positively.... which will in turn help me to believe more positively. 

You know, life is great. Despite all the hard things in life, there really isn't all that much to complain about. It's all about attitude. And I want to have a positive one!!! 


  1. Seems like you have a ton on your plate. Make sure you take time for you as well. I know I fell into the burnout track for too long and it was terrible. I forgot that life was about living, not just surviving. People will understand, they know you are amazing no matter what.

    1. That's good advice!!! Thrive, don't just survive :)

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