Monday, August 6, 2012

A Wedding Weekend


The best day. The most delicious food. The most amazing people. The most beautiful decorations. 

My brother's wedding was literally the best one I have ever been to. 
And I have been to a lot!!!!

A classy country(ish) 
wedding in the middle
of a field in a small town 
that most people have
never heard of... 
but it couldn't have been more perfect. 

The bride and groom 
couldn't have 
been more in love....
My brother couldn't 
have been happier....


I love brother. He is so charming and wonderful.
And I love my new sister. And her dress was lovely!!!! 

 I bonded with my cousins and other family and friends... 

I ate the most wonderful food!!! They had the best food: cocktails, pink lemonade in mason jars, blackberry glazed salmon, salted carmel brownies, brown butter rice crispy treats, red velvet cupcakes... And then a "late night snack" of french fries and chex mix. And, lets not forget about the bonfire with s'mores. They really went all out!

My little sister took every picture in this post (except the ones she is in). 
She is so amazing and talented. 

We danced under strung Christmas lights until
 our feet couldn't take anymore. 
And then we kept dancing. 

And my brother and his new wife..... 

They headed off on a vespa with a sparkler getaway! 
(The reception went very late, and it was passed dark at this point). 

It was such a perfect weekend. And such an exhausting weekend. A getaway from the real world, really. And coming back to real life is always a little difficult. 
But that's why you have to seize those moments of pure joy when they come. Take pictures in your mind, and keep them there. Life is beautiful. Love is beautiful. 

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  1. Wow her dress is beautiful, the whole event looks amazing. So wonderful for them!