Monday, August 13, 2012

Mornings and Memories

This morning I got up at 5 a.m.

Why on earth, in the summertime, would I do that? 
Well, here is why.

First, I love mornings.
  •       I love everything about them. 
  •       Running with the sunrise while the world is still sleeping. 
  •       The promise of a new day. 
  •       A hot cup of coffee. 
  •       Breakfast!  (I could eat breakfast all day, everyday.)
Secondly, today is my beautiful mother's birthday. 
  • So we went out for birthday breakfast at 8 a.m. 
  • And I have a training schedule to stick to!
  • Which includes running in the morning. 
  • I don't know why, but I prefer it SO much to running at night. I like to get my runs out of the way. Start off the day on the right foot. Not think about how I'm going to have to squeeze a run in later. 
Third, the haze that is covering the valley is deadly.
  • Crazy summer wild fires are causing unbearable smog all over the state. Everyone is advised to limit strenuous physical activity outside... 
  • So I went to the gym and used the treadmill. 
  • And I LOVE the gym. It's worth the little drive. Plugging my headphones in to the television on the treadmill and zoning out for seven miles... sometimes, that's just what the doctor ordered!
So I got up at 5 a.m.
And I ran seven miles. 
And then I went out to breakfast with my family in downtown Boise. 
My favorite place. My favorite people. 

And celebrated my most amazing mother at the cutest
 coffee shop I have ever been to.

Think iced coffee in mason jars. 
My little sister is really happy about hers, as you can see!

And guys, this is serious: If you haven't tried steamed eggs, drive to the nearest restaurant that serves them and ORDER THEM. It will change your life. 

You know that scene in Runaway Bride where 
they talk about her favorite way to cook eggs?

If yes.... then I have finally decided my favorite way to cook eggs 
- and therefore, my identity. 
If no, then please disregard this paragraph... I sound crazy!

My mom is seriously the most remarkable woman I know. She gives and gives. She is not simply just my biggest support, my greatest ally, and a role model. She is one of my best friends. 

Going out to breakfast is one of my favorite things to do, 
and going with such a lovely family made it all the better. 

After, I headed back to school for the work week. But before I left, I had to say goodbye to my sister, her husband, by baby nephew, and their dog. They leave to go back to Texas on Wednesday, where they are on base.

I shed a little tear. I won't lie. I love them so much. 

It's been a long day, but a very good one! I am feeling blessed right now. 

Are you a morning person?
What's your favorite way to cook eggs?
Are you close with your mom? 

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  1. I am the same way,I have to run in the morning. My legs just feel more alive. Looks like a great breakfast and way to spend a day with your mom!