Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thoughts Rollin'

It's Thursday!!! Which means it's the weekend for me!!! This whole working Monday through Thursday thing this summer has been wonderful. 
Three day weekends? Yes please!!! 

I have wondering lately how much I actually want to say on this blog. Because the thing is... I have SO much to say. I carry around a notebook with me constantly so I can write thoughts down if I have no one to tell them to! It's not like I talk all the time or anything, but my thoughts are constantly rollin'

(Did you like that reference to the title? Yeah, I 'm clever I know!!) :)

Anyway, I think I'm going to start saying more on this blog. More frequent posts about more random things and more personal things. I know that people I both know and don't know read this blog... and there are things I will post on here that I wouldn't necessarily tell people. But I figure if someone actually reads my blog (which I really, really appreciate!) then they have earned the right for me to let them see a little more of myself than I normally would. 

So here are some of the thoughts rollin' around my head today!!!

1. I'm so proud of my American Olympic Ladies. 
They are killing it, and they are medaling like crazy!!!

2. I love these new shoes I bought. They were only ten dollars, 
and I figured I should own more that two pairs of shoes! So I "splurged". 

3. Getting up early in the mornings to do a grueling running workout sounds miserable when the alarm clock goes off. 
But the feeling of accomplishment afterword is so worth it!!! 

Today's workout?: 
A 60 minute treadmill run including 
40 minutes of brutal incline and increasing speed. 
It feels good to sweat!

4. With all the training I have been doing (and the resting I have been incorporating in to my training, which you can read about HERE), my Olympic dreams are budding! Train like an Olympian, eat like an Olympian, maybe one day be an Olympian...? Dream big or don't dream at all, folks! :) 

5. Since I am having to pound down food like a champ lately to keep up with training and put on some muscle 
(I have really been making a crazy effort with this lately), 
I decided I'm going to STOP being so stingy with my grocery shopping. 
Meaning... I'm going to start spending a little more money 
on some of the expensive, organic foods I want. 
I'm still super frugal, but I need food to live. I might as well like my food.  
So I need to get over it. 

Maybe this will start a money spending kick. I need some new clothes. It's about time I get them! I really want some furniture for my student apartment next year. And heck, some "non essentials" would be nice too! Life's short. 

6. I get really proud of myself every time I cook myself a dinner that doesn't simply involve microwaving 
oatmeal or throwing a whole bunch of salad stuff in a bowl. 
Sometimes, I take pictures because I'm excited, 
and that's what people seem to do! 
But I don't have instagram, so I feel stupid doing it. 

Exhibit A: I made a protein pancake last night. I felt like a rockstar. 

7. Have you heard of Oogave? My sister and I found it in a random little coffee shop when we were in Baker for my brother's wedding. 
It's just carbonated water and agave. 
It's seriously better than coca cola. I'm not even a pop person. But it was delish. 

8. I have been drinking chocolate milk after runs lately, because I finally got convinced to join the bandwagon. Everyone has been talking forever about how perfect of post-run fuel it is due to the carb to protein ratio and readily absorbable sugar. I figured it was all hype, and I prefer my sugar to come in either ice cream, candy, or cookie dough form. 
But a sport's nutritionist suggested it, and now I'm obsessed. 
It tastes so darn good after running. Really, guys. Try it. 

9. If you have kept reading this whole time, I love you. Let's meet up. I'll buy you coffee. Or ice cream. Because this was one long post :)

What was your workout today? 

Is it easy or hard for you to spend money on things you want/need?

What do you think about chocolate milk as post-run fuel? 

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  1. I am in the same boat. I have so much to say. Also i know that I need to spend more money on food, I hate it but I have a too low budget to be realistic for what I need. way to go on this! can't wait to keep reading.