Sunday, August 5, 2012

Survey Sunday!

Because let's be honest, everyone likes answering questions about themselves!
I got this survey from the Runner's World college forum. 

Reason why you run: There are many reasons, I suppose. I guess I love it. It makes me feel alive. I love running with the sunrise. And I pour my heart and soul into everything that I do. And this is what I do right now. 

I love the feeling of pushing myself to the absolute limit. Actually, I don't think I have done that yet. But I love trying. It's exhilarating. 
Where do you usually run: On back country roads nearish my house. But usually during practice anywhere my coach makes me!!

Favorite pre-run snack: Favorite? I usually have peanut butter and a banana! 

Favorite Post-Run snack: Ice cream. Always. I would have it after every run if I could, but I usually run in the morning and that's weird. So breakfast! I usually crave a big bowl of cereal or greek yogurt. And ALWAYS peanut butter. Can't get enough of the stuff. 

Water or gatorade? Water, please. 
Gatorade tastes like watered down juice to me. And I sort of really dislike juice. 
Do you have a running buddy? Buddies :) My teammates. But I love running alone, so I do that often.

How much would you spend on a pair of running shoes? I usually have to spend 120. I need expensive shoes so my feet don't hurt. 

Has anybody ever  told you you're crazy for how much you run? Only like every day. 

Running time you are most proud of: An 18:27 5k, I suppose. But I plan on being much faster than that. 

Favorite music/song to listen to while running: I usually listen to chill music. Like Jack Johnson. But worship music, honestly. And I love listening to podcasts, because I get bored sometimes when I run!

Ever lost a toenail? Multiple times

What other activities do you do? College classes, student government, youth group 

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  1. haha people always tell me how crazy i am for running, I do it because i love it! I hate gatorade, makes me so sick. I am such a water girl too. My favorite post run snack has to be some sort of either soft serve or even turkey bacon. Yum protein.