Friday, August 17, 2012


Almost everything now days requires some kind of password. 

Facebook, twitter, online banking, blogging...

To use your debit card, you have to type in a password. 
To unlock your phone, you have to type in a code. 

Throughout our day, we probably use more passwords than we even realize or could keep track of!!!

We have become accustomed to the idea that passwords. Without them, we aren't apart of the club. We aren't secure. We don't have access to the things we need or want. 

Aren't we lucky that God doesn't have any passwords to get to him?? A lot of people think that there are. That they have to say the right thing, do the right thing. That for prayers to be answered there is some magic formula or specific order of words that must be said. That for God to love them they have to do things a certain way and not mess up or access will be denied. 


God made a way for us to come to him without a password, by sending Jesus to pave the way. 

God has open arms. He is continuously calling and trying to get people to pick up the phone.

You don't need a password for his presence. 

You just need to come. 

You don't have to "log in". 

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you have to know a password.

Just go to the website, and you can become a member!!!!

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