Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Five!

1. As I was finishing my run this morning, I had the most insatiable craving for cookie dough. At eight thirty a.m. Unfortunately, we don't have any cookie dough just laying around. In fact, we don't have hardly any food! Breakfast is cherries and cantaloupe and peanut butter and milk??? Random. Somewhat disappointing. 

2. I want... no, I need these racing flats. 
You can't tell from the picture, but they are kind of a mint green color. 

I already got new racing flats... but they are going to mysteriously disappear I'm thinking. :)

3. One of the best things about summer is smoothies!!! Lib and I can't get enough!!!
How adorable is my little sister? She likes to drive, I don't. We make a great team :)

4. This is my favorite song. Ever. But especially as of late. 

5. This weekend is my only brother's wedding, and the festivities begin today with the rehearsal/dinner!
The wedding is a couple hours away in this cool, small farming town (classy country wedding... think pinterest and mason jars!) so we will be partying it up and staying in a hotel. I'm so excited. I love him so much. He is about ten years older than me, but we are close. And I look up to him majorly!!!!

I really need a more updated picture of us on my computer! This one is ancient!!!! 
But he is so cute. His fiance is a lucky girl :)

Have a great weekend!!!! 

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  1. I bet you will get some delicious eats at the wedding so no more cravings! I always crave random things after I run in the morning. Bizarre.