Saturday, August 11, 2012

Running WIth Friends, Specialty Ice Cream, and Goals

I honestly feel like my weekends are busier than my weeks! They are filled up with errands, seeing friends, running, and church. I don't get much sleep, and I am all over the place. But I like it this way!

This morning I met up with my friend Laura for a 10.5 mile run in the beautiful Boise foothills. She is my favorite running partner... we have been friends since our first week of cross country practice our sophomore year of high school, and we have seen each other through the ups and downs of cross country, basketball, and track seasons. 

This is my old cross country team!!! 

 Five years later, we are both running at different colleges. 
(Sometimes, she borrows my sweatshirts and reps my school :))  
But we love to meet up when we are still in town for workouts, long runs, and great conversation!!!

Afterword, I did some errands in downtown Boise (never a chore, because I love it there), and I went to meet my lovely friend Christi for Coldstone Ice Cream. Coldstone was sort of our tradition for awhile, but we hadn't been for awhile so we decided to meet up there. 

For how expensive this specialty ice cream is, however, I have decided it is not my favorite. I'd much rather spend money on Baskin Robin's or TCBY. 

Sorry, Christi, but I think we
may have to put our Coldstone tradition behind us! 

I did not take that picture, by the way. Google images baby :)

She goes back to school next weekend, and I do not want to say goodbye!!! 

Today, during our run, we started talking about our goals for next year. I was asked what my running goals are, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "I don't know". I immediately realized that I DO know. I just am not really confident in them right now. But that is no way to reach goals. I am working so hard for this, and I should be confident that my hard work is going to pay back eventually. 

So, here are my goals. Written down for EVERYONE to see. I'm not showing them so anyone can compare their personal bests to mine. I compare myself to people so much, and honestly... it's just about me being MY best. Pushing myself to MY limit. 

Cross Country
5k PR: 18:27
Goal: 17:55

10k PR: 38:01
Goal: Break 37 

After everything I am going through for this, I have to be confident that I am capable. I CAN do this.

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  1. that is awesome you have a friend like that, I am glad you got time together.