Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thoughts About Work, and Chocolate Is Always A Good Idea

Sorry about the ridiculous title. I'm tired :)

I got up early today, but I wasn't my usual chipper morning time self.
I still managed to pound out an intense tempo run on the treadmill at my school's gym, though, and then I did a little lifting.
I just wasn't feeling an outdoor run. And even lifting, which I usually love, was sort of frustrating because I'm trying a new program and I felt a little lost.

Work today was busy!!!
And I realized a couple of things things:

1. I don't think I could handle working at a job where I have to manage a whole bunch of people and things. As student body president, I am doing it right now... but it's tough. And people at big corporations who do that... wow. I'm impressed. So maybe starting a non-profit, like I was originally thinking about maybe doing one day, is not necessarily my career path. But then again, maybe it is. Maybe I'm in training for it right now....

2. I need to start being less insecure in myself and my decisions. I always have liked to have someone to bounce ideas off of and make decisions with... because I HATE making them. But I don't always have help making decisions in this job. My advisor is not always available. And sometimes, I'm forced to make decisions alone. Not everyone is always going to like every decision I make, and I am just going to have to get thicker skin.

Despite those things, I think I really am learning a lot this summer, and I am sure next year is going to go well. God gives grace for situations that he places us in. And I definitely know I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing. So even though I have a steep learning curve, and even though I am going to be the busiest student/athlete/president ever next year, I am confident that it is going to be blessed. I am simply going to focus on God every day and my relationship with him, and the rest will fall in to place.

After such a busy day of work, I returned to the dorms starving and exhausted.
The perfect remedy for that?

Frozen chocolate covered bananas.

My roommate and I had the brilliant idea of slicing bananas, melting dark chocolate, combining the two, and freezing them. Perfection.

Chocolate is always a good idea.

I'm glad to have ended the day on a positive note.
And now it's time for some Bible reading and then sleep.
Goodnight bloggers!

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