Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back to School Again

School starts in 2 days. 

2 days! And I move tomorrow. Into a girls dormitory/sorority/apartment/house that I barely know anything about. 

I have yet to pack. 
I don't have all my books. 
I have barely any back to school clothes. 

Suppose I'm not very prepared... :) 

But who can blame me when the last few weeks have been so busy? 

I did manage to hit up Cost-co, aka Magic Land today with my mom for some bulk groceries to stock up on. I'll still have to pick up a few items, but staples like Almond Butter (I go through buckets) and humus and quinoa and dried fruit are crossed off the list. Too bad I can't just live off of those things. Groceries are expensive!!!

I really should start packing right now. Or at least doing laundry.

Actually, I really should shower right now...

I got up bright and early this morning to drive the hour long drive to practice, and we ran a lovely 12 miles through the rolling hills of Ontario. Needless to say I'm very dirty, but I am too lazy to shower!

I also don't want to pack. I hate packing. I want to go on pinterest, and read my book. And I want to go shopping for back to school clothes. And I want to enjoy my last Saturday night before school starts. 

I don't know how I feel about it starting. Truthfully, I feel like my life will actually get a little less stressful, because I won't be doing a 2 hour commute every day. But I will miss living at home, and seeing my parents and my sister, and not having to buy my own groceries... :)

But I am excited to be near my friends. To get to know my team better. The xc girl's night we had on Thursday night was a total blast. The girls are so funny. We ate our weight in chocolate fondue and candy corn and gossiped around a bonfire. I can tell we are all going to be super close. 

Here's to a new year. Let's see what it brings me!!!

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