Sunday, September 23, 2012

XC Spokane Meet and Other Rambles

To finish off my Sunday night, I though I would post a quick update on my race this weekend in Spokane!!! I have races the next three weekends, which means I am a busy running traveling bee for awhile. The charter bus rides, restaurants, hotels, and races are so fun, but they are also exhausting. Sunday definitely becomes a recovery day for catching up on homework, cleaning, maybe church, and grocery shopping (more on that later). 

We left early Friday morning and drove the long drive to Spokane, which is never all that bad when you have loads of crazy funny teammates to talk to and movies to watch. 

We ran the course when we arrived, and I was blown away to find out that it was the SAME course I ran my second cross country race EVER. When I was just a little baby freshman, and I lived in Northern Idaho!!!  I could hardly believe it, but all the memories came flooding back. 

After eating at some fancy pasta restaurant for dinner (I may be the only runner ever who doesn't like pasta), I spent the rest of the evening being lame in my hotel room thinking about my race in the morning. I was anxious, excited, and didn't feel like going to the mall across the street with some of my other teammates. My roommates chilled with me, though, so I didn't feel so lame. 


I got 24th out of 154. I should be happy, right???

Well, I would be. But it was too easy. What I mean is, I enjoyed the race because I wasn't hurting. I had way more energy than I laid down. I finished with way too much left. My time wasn't fantastic. Not even close to my PR. I settled a lot. It makes me wonder what place l could have gotten if I had really raced. I don't understand why it is so easy to push myself to the absolute max in practice, but in a race I can barely get myself out of my comfort zone?? I'll figure it out though; its still early in the season.

But some positives....

I love this course. Rolling hills, golf course style (even though its a park). Its perfect for momentum and for my love of running downhill and my bouncy step. And this will be our championship course!!! This baby has potential to be fast!!!!

I passed a lot of people- as opposed to getting passed. I started off in the top five, slowly fell during the first mile... but then made my way back up in mile 3. In the last 400 meters, 
I passed and held off about 5 girls. 

The weather was perfect. Hot, but not too hot. I love it that way. 

My team did well. And I need them to do well. 
We need to pack it like a lunch box if we want to win NWAACCS!

I got home late last night, checked out a local church this morning with some kids from my school, and have been doing mundane tasks like cleaning and homework. 

And grocery shopping. 

Which I HATE. 

I spend hours picking things up that I want (like cereal, frosted animal cookies, salad). Then I go back again and put them back. I think "I don't need cereal, I have oatmeal." "Salad is spendy. I already have broccoli." "Frosted animal cookies aren't healthy. Put those back." It's nuts. I hate it. I'm so stingy and convince myself not to buy things I need, like bread. 
So it looks like I'll be making another trip to the grocery store!!!

In other news, my dad is in Mexico this week with a team from my church. Please pray for him!!!

We took lots of pictures this weekend, but they are on other people's cameras. I'll get them up here when I get them. I'm quite aware all my blogs have been endless words and no pictures...
I'm sorry about that... I'm a writer, not a photographer. I can't help it :)