Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Went The Extra Mile

Literally... today in practice.

Mile repeats were on the agenda.

And no one was really feeling them.

For one, it was so cold this morning. What? Where did summer go? Oh yeah, it's the middle of September. Oh yeah, my college just starts really late so it's not really summer anymore. I could curl up into a ball and cry.

Yes, there are great things about fall. Tights, boots, scarves... pretty leaves, hot tea, pumpkin spice lattees. Holidays.

If I were a normal person that could curl up on the couch with a book and a mug of hot cocoa when it was cold outside, I would be all for the fall/winter seasons.

But for athletes, the cold sucks.
At least for me. I do SO much better in the heat. My body just functions better. But I'm also a baby. And I found out today that there will probably be snow at xc championships this year...

Anyway, back to practice.

So no one was really feeling it. We were all tired. It's been a hard week. And we had a late night practice last night. So an early morning practice

My coach moved me up to run with a slower boys pack, and I was ready and excited to show my stuff. I usually run with them,
 so I knew I could do it for mile repeats.

Or not. The first mile felt miserable. My legs were led.
I think I was just too cold.

But every mile I got a little faster. A little better.

And then, when I was scheduled to be finished, I made the mistake of mentioning that to my coach. "They get better as I go.
I almost think another one would be faster."

So he "gave me the option" of doing another one. And as if I have the ability to not do one. I'm way too much of an overachiever for that. So I went the extra mile :) And it was faster! And I actually could have done more.

The more warmed up I get, the better I get. The longer I go, the better I seem to feel. I must really be a distance runner.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been receiving so many compliments from the professor's here about the speech I did Tuesday. It feels so good to know that I actually inspired people!

This week is just as busy as ever, but I have enjoyed a tiny bit of downtime to read my book and catch up on blogging! Tonight my girl's team is getting together for a sleepover. Gotta love team bonding :)

School starts in FOUR days! I officially move to Ontario in three days. Crazy.

Catch up with you soon!

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