Friday, December 30, 2011

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Over break, I have been learning more than I learned my first trimester of college!

Like how sometimes, things don't go as planned. 
And how stressing out about things going wrong doesn't accomplish anything.

And how sometimes it is actually absolutely okay to do nothing but curl up with a good book and relax.

Or how much time its possible to spend on pinterest!

Or how family, and not tradition, is what makes the holidays so special.... even though twenty people crammed in a room playing a board game can get a little crazy sometimes. 

Or how its okay to not follow my running training schedule exactly... especially during off season, is sometimes maybe the best thing for me. (I have been doing a lot of pool workouts lately to prevent a nagging injury, and a 60 minute run the other day that I really didn't want to go on turned into an 1 and 45 minutes of running in the middle of nowhere, listening to worship music and enjoying every minute). 

And how time sometimes goes faster than we even realize....

 My little sister turned 18 this week. I'm turning 20 soon. But this seems like yesterday. 

And how its really the simple things in life...

like having breakfast with a best friend

or staying up all night with cousins

This is all of use four years back!! Such babies!!!

or killing a 400 meter repeat workout in the rain

This was my partner in crime for those crazy four hundreds!

or your dad treating you to Starbucks soy latte just to cheer you up after a rough morning...
that really make this life enjoyable. 

I realized how much can change in a year. And looking back on this last year in my life, 
I can see how much I have grown.

With New Year's Eve tomorrow, I have made lists like everyone else with all of the little things I want to change in life. It includes typical things like stopping bad habits, not wasting time (pinterest doesn't help with that...)  and speaking positively. 

But the most important thing, I think, is to not sweat the small stuff. To not stress and worry so much about everything. To not feel like I have to be in control all the time. To trust God with absolutely every single area of my life, and to give EVERYTHING to him. To give control to him. I know I'm going to change and grow a lot this year as well, and with my whole life ahead of me, there are still so many uncertainties and decisions to be made. But taking one day at a time, I'm going to give God control of my life and live in the peace that comes from that.  

Happy 2012 everyone! 

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