Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get Hungry

The best present that God can give is a greater 
HUNGER for His presence

And that's what I want for Christmas!

If I fill up on the "ice cream" that the world has to offer, I will not be hungry for the spiritual nutrition that I need!

That's why so many people are starving today... They are hungry, and they seek to fill that hunger with anything that will fill them up.

The problem is that they fill up with things that do not sustain life. Only God sustains life.

And an increased hunger for him leads to increased consumption of his word and increased seeking after his presence!!! 

I have been thinking a lot about spiritual hunger lately. 
Being an athlete and placing huge physical demands on my body means that what I put into my body is incredibly important. I need to fuel myself properly to get good results.

I make sure that I have eaten the proper foods to fuel my workouts.
Then I make sure that I eat enough protein/carbs after workouts for recovery.
It all gets very complicated, and athletes will spend tons of time making sure that they are fueling their bodies correctly.

Just as I finish my run craving, let's say, a peanut butter banana sandwich, and I know it is important to refuel... We must remember how important it is to consume spiritual food every day! Otherwise, we will not have the energy to do anything!

  • So I want to have a greater hunger for God. 
  • I don't want to be full of the things of this world. 
  • I want an increased appetite for his word and his presence. 
  • Because the hungrier I am, the more I will eat!

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