Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things About Thursday!

Well, its finally December!!! And do you all know what that means?

ABC family officially starts "25 Days of Christmas! Falalalala lalalala!" 

You really wouldn't be able to tell that it was December in Ontario though. The sun was shining and it wasn't freezing! Where is the snow? 

So, some things about today! 

1. God has completely been rocking my world this week with revelation after revelation in the Bible. It's been so encouraging, and I hope some of the stuff I have shared on here has encouraged you all as well!

2. I love reading This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti right now! I never have been a good reader (I never have time), but when I get into a book, I love to read. This book is really interesting and has a really cool, Biblical twist. I'm still not very far a long, but the fact that I'm actually reading is a big deal :)

3. Today, my roommates made fun of me for dipping baby carrots into almond butter. I didn't ever really think that this was something abnormal. Until they said something... and then I realized how weird it is! I have always dipped carrots in peanut/almond butter. Its seriously my favorite snack ever! So good! By the way, they tried it and loved it. So there. 

4. My dad left for a three week trip to Kenya today! He is going to be teaching at a pastor's school there. I look up to him so much, and I always get excited for his trips because I know God does so much through him! He will be in Nairobi this time. He is staying in Nairobi this time:

5. Before practice today, I was feeling really... annoyed. I tend to get this way before hard workouts. Just nervous and focused. And this is a little amplified right now because I'm not that big of a fan of winter track, and no one is showing up to workouts. BUT. We did a thirty minute run, followed by a 15 minute tempo run. And I paced really well... in fact, if I would have kept up that pace for just a few more meters, I would have pr'd in my 5k! After workouts, I always get all giddy and in a really good mood. And today was the same! Runner's high maybe? I don't know. I always love running, but especially after practice is over :) 

6. Partially because my coach told me I needed to be getting more electrolytes in my diet, and partially because I only had five minutes before Psych and I needed some post workout fuel, I tried this GU sample I got at the Turkey Trot. 

I can't say that I was too big of a fan of the orange-y, thick goo. And I felt pretty sick during class. I think maybe its because I'm so used to eating really clean, unprocessed foods? Either way, this is not something I would really buy. I don't even really like Gatorade in general!

7. Psychology class makes me so happy. Every class period I learn something amazing and interesting. My professor is amazing, too. I think I'll probably take all three classes in the series. Maybe I should just be a Psych major?

8. I don't have class tomorrow! Which means I can sleep in and all I have to do is go to practice! And it's an easy run tomorrow! It will be a good day :) 

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