Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Good Day

I must admit, I have been in kind of a funk lately. 

Maybe it's the cold. 
Maybe it's that I have a nagging achilles problem.
Maybe it's because it's dead week. 
I don't know. 

Whatever it is, though, I have spent my week counting down the days until Christmas break instead of enjoying the moments and living in the present. 

But today - today was a good day. 

Today I had the last science lab that I will ever have. 
And today I sat through the last Biology lecture I will ever sit through. 
And I took the half hour I had between classes to go treat myself an extra hot latte, just because.

And I did a killer work on the stationary bike and with weights. 

And I got together with new some friends for a worship session
 in a room we rented out on our campus. And it was wonderful.

And I am just pretty blessed. 

So, funk or not, I'm grateful for today. 

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