Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decision Time

I find myself to be the absolute most indecisive person in the world. 
Maybe someone out there has this problem as well? 

But soon I am supposed to make a pretty major decision... what college I am going to transfer to after this year. 

I can't even decide what I want for breakfast in the morning- let alone what I want to do with the rest of my life!!! 

This decision has a lot of different factors that play in to it. 

For example, I have to decide for sure if I want to continue running. I think I do, but it will be a new commitment to a new team and a new program. 

I have to look at the majors offered at each university (which means I have to narrow down what I'm going to major in).

I have to decide what city/state I want to live in... weather, distance from home, etc.

I have to consider finances. 

Is anyone else stressed out about this???

Well, actually, I'm choosing not to stress. Because I'm going to give it to God. I have had to make a lot of big decisions this far in my life, and I have always felt peace about my choices after a lot of prayer. 

It still is difficult, though. I have about ten different schools on my choice list at the moment. 

Wish me luck! ;) 


  1. I hate making big decisions like that but just know whatever you choose will be where you should be. Trust the process!

  2. Come to BSU with me! I love it! :)