Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November.... and Nine Other Thoughts!

1.     Advising day for winter term is next Tuesday. 
And I only have to take 14 more credits this 
WHOLE year to graduate with an AA in the spring. 
That’s only 7 credits a term… But because I need 12 to be full time, 
an athlete, and student body president, I’ll be taking more, obviously.
 But you know what’s fun??? I get to take whatever I want! 
I talked to an advisor and I have taken all the Associate of Arts requirements already! 
You know what that means? Electives baby :)
 I cannot wait until this term is over so I can be done with Biology forever! 
My advisor basically told me to have fun the rest of the year. Sweet.

2.     Tuesday is also Election Day, if you were not aware... 
And it’s my first time voting ever!!! 
So I’m excited, in case you couldn’t tell by the millions of exclamation points. 
But, since I forgot my family moved this summer 
and I forgot to re-register with a new address, 
I will have to drive an hour to go home and register on the spot before I vote. 
So worth it though.

3.   You know what I did last night for Halloween? 
 After an intense practice followed
by an even more intense team meeting followed by 
an equally intense student body government meeting, 
I was exhausted. Plus, Halloween is kind of the worst. The only thing it
has going for it really is candy corn. But candy corn is pretty great :)

    4. This week's workouts: 
Monday - 60 minutes steady (about 9.5 miles)
Tuesday - 60 minutes again (about 8.5 miles)
Wednesday- 10 min warm up, 5 min race pace four times, then 3 min, 2 min, 1 min 
(all with one minute jogging recovery in between) and 10 min cool down
Thursday: 60 minutes recovery
Tapering...?? Not exactly

5.     Yesterday (Wednesday) morning was my lovely friend Aleisha’s birthday!!! 
To celebrate, we took her out to breakfast at 
my favorite little coffee shop in town. 
I had never had a morning glory muffin before, and I have to say that I was impressed!
Enter grossest picture ever. But oh well!

6.     I’m going home this weekend! 
And I’m thrilled! Since we run on our own this Friday,
 I get to go to my youth group Thursday night!
And I get to see my parents. And my mom will cook for me :)
Canned tuna and peanut butter get old sometimes!

7.     Here’s a picture of us with our first place trophy at Regional’s. 

No big deal or anything!

8. Sometimes I think I’m a good cook because 
I started doing things like roasting broccoli in the oven
 instead of cooking it in the microwave. 
And for me that’s a big deal considering I mostly just cook cereal.

9. It's November!!! Which means it's finally socially acceptable
to listen to Christmas music all the time, right? I have been doing it all month... :)

Happy November everyone!!!

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