Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Some Thoughts

I really do love to run. 

Today - skipping through the multi-colored fall leaves, breathing in the crisp air, and listening to worship music on my ipod - I remembered just how much. 

Sometimes I feel like running is a friend. It makes me happy. It brings me clarity. It keeps me in shape and helps me feel connected with other runners and sometimes even leads to medals. 

Other days, I feel like running stabs me in the back. Like I give everything to it and trust it and all it has for me in return is aching knees or disappointment. 

Some days, I don't feel like hanging out with running very much. 

Other days, running is really nice and helps me process all of the thoughts in my head. 

Some days running takes me on adventures through the countryside.

Other days, running likes to whip me into shape. 

But no matter what, running will always be there. Whether I'm a collegiate athlete or a forty year old stay-at-home mom, I will like to run. And I have been through a lot with it. 

The point is this. I have a big race a week from today. And I have to run for more than just wanting to win. Because even though I want to win (believe me, I DO) I don't know if that will carry me through all the pain. I have to run because I love it. Because I have given everything to it. Love to run, love to race, and love to win. 

And I have to remember that no matter what, no one can take away that love from me!

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