Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coffee Shop Tangents

Currently I am sitting in our campus coffee shop studying Biology. 

At least I was up until now. 

I met a girl here earlier to go over notes before our Biology test today, but she went to class. 
And I got distracted. 

It's a big and important test, but I just can't study anymore. I'm so excited to be done with this class!

I spent a good amount of time studying on Sunday night, anyway. 
My little sister and I went to Starbucks. She did a Bible study, I studied Biology. 
We drank Christmas drinks and chatted and got free oatmeal cookies from the barista. 

There is something about Starbucks that I just love. No other coffee shop can match its atmosphere. Even when I lived in Paris, the coffee capital of the world, I found myself in Starbucks quite often. 

Last night, I started missing Europe again. This emotion sweeps over me occasionally, and it surprises me every time. Not like Europe was terrible or anything, but I spent so much of my year there missing home that it is almost laughable to experience the opposite!!! 

Mostly, I missed London. I love it there. I want to live there one day. 

And marry a British guy that calls me "lovely" all the time. 

I know I have talked about this a lot on this blog, but that is just because I'm serious about it. 

Did you know that different Starbucks around the world offer different menu items? Peppermint mocha's don't exist in London or Paris, because they don't really do peppermint. Their holiday beverages include toffee nut lattes and praline mochas. Those were the best holiday drinks I have ever tasted, and it just recently occurred to me that I could request them at an American Starbucks as well. Not the same, though. 

This is my sister and I in a Paris Starbucks two years ago!

In London, you can have your toffee nut latte while nibbling on a Starbucks' mince pie. Or, you could go to McDonald's and order a mince pie instead of an apple pie. 

I'm so fascinated by even those little differences in culture. 

Anyway, I'm sitting here, "studying", and I'm incredibly sore. 

Yesterday we had our first practice after our week-long running break. It was just an easy fifty minute run - but then I lifted. And I'm a little too enthusiastic about lifting... and I may have overdone it :)

So practice today might be a little rough. But no matter. Because I get to go home tonight. 
And then its Thanksgiving :) 

I better get back to Biology. One more test stands between me and my long weekend!

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