Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To Be, or Not To Be, Content.

Honestly, today has been a stressful day. Homework has been piling up, I don't do very well on little sleep, and for some reason I just was not too on top of things.

During practice we ran an easy forty five minute run, but I was so stressed that I didn't go that easy. I just ran, and it was a good release. And for some reason, I always have all of my greatest and deepest realizations on my runs. Today was no different. It was the first time I have run alone in awhile, so I had a lot of time to think.

I started thinking about being content. It is so easy, no matter how good life is, to complain. Last year, I lived in the most beautiful city in the world and had the opportunity to travel around Europe. How can you complain about that, right? Wrong. There were so many hard things about it. Even though it was an amazing experience and I am grateful for it, I did my fair share of complaining about being homesick and things being hard. But I learned about contentedness over there.

Being content is a choice!

Everyday I am faced with the choice to be content or not. Compared to last year, life here is a breeze. And God has blessed me with everything I wanted: the college experience, the ability to run, being close to my family, amazing friends... but still it is easy to let that complaining spirit creep up when I'm not careful.

Why? Because that's our human nature. To be discontent. To be negative. The point is, it doesn't matter what life throws our way. Its all about perspective. Its my choice to be content, no matter what the circumstances are. Happiness is based on happenings. Joy is based on my faith in God! And when we realize that God is in control, everything becomes a lot easier.

When we stop focusing on our problems, our life becomes a lot easier because it isn't about us.

So those are my thoughts for the night.

My dad is going to Pakistan tomorrow on a mission trip! If everyone could please keep him in their prayers, that would be great! I know amazing things are going to happen, and God is going to use him!


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