Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was finally Friday, which means I finally got to go home! School has been great, but I was ready for a little break from dorm life. And mostly I was so excited to see my older sister/best friend who just moved back in with us for a little while :) She has been so far away for so long, and I have missed her so much. She is honestly one of my favorite people in the world, and almost no one understands me as well as she does. 

She and my mom picked me up, and then we all went out to Red Robin for dinner! It was definitely better than cafeteria food. That's one thing I love about coming home... delicious and HEALTHY food that I trust. Today we ate things like rolled oats, carrot and red pepper soup, and cous-cous salad. I wish I would have taken a picture of our lunch. All of the fall colors were incorporated into it... and I love eating pretty food for some reason! 

And as I have said before, I am so excited about fall... I think little things just excite me like that. The weather is perfect today. Its sunny but crisp, and leaves are blowing everywhere. I'm wearing a scarf and boots and a light sweater and its just perfect. 

I had to meet up with my team (or the seven that showed up anyway) for practice today at Camelsback park this morning for a ninety minute hilly run, but the rest of the day I have just been relaxing with my family... and eating! :) Runs like that kick your metabolism into crazy high gear I guess. I thought I would blog a little since I have some time. I'll be back with some more after the weekends over!`

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