Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pre-Race Jitters.

I am so nervous right now. And I'm not sure exactly why.... Tomorrow we have our home meet. Its not exactly the biggest meet we have had... probably only thirty girls will even be there! And its not crucial in any way. Its not necessarily a fast course either. So what is it that is making me so nervous? I suppose I always sort of get like this before races. Kind of... anxious. Or testy. And my old coach always said that nerves were a good thing, so that's good, right?

All I know is that even though the race is not for about twenty four hours, I don't feel like doing anything tonight. I need to distract myself... this is ridiculous!

I'm going to force myself to go do something productive, and then I think I'll come back here and read or something. I need to relax, seriously :)

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