Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Busy Thoughts

I know I have been absolutely missing in action lately, and for that I'm sorry. 

But what can I say? I have been busy with school. With running. With thinking. And with a little playing as well :) 

This weekend we had our first off week in a long time, and I got to spend some time cooking with my mom and shopping with my little sister! 

Then this week I have just been doing my best to stay on top of everything, get enough sleep, not freeze to death during practice, and get ready for Regionals this weekend. 

Regionals.... A.K.A. pre-championships. I'm so ready. And so nervous. I cannot stop thinking about running. 

Another thing I can't stop thinking about.... where I'm going to go to school next year. Strike that- what I'm going to do next year. 

It makes sense for me to go to school, yes. But I want to remember that I have many other options. Like  working for a year (blah) or doing an internship, or doing another year long mission, or going to Bible school or something. 

But, reality is, I'm probably going to school. I want to, anyway. And I think I want to run. I don't know how I could not... it would be so strange to stop. 

So I have been talking to coaches. And checking out programs. And thinking about finances. And checking the weather in all sorts of cities in the United States. 

I have been thinking about how far I want to be from home. And about what degree I want to go after. And I have been praying a lot. 

And I know I don't have to figure all this out, but my mind just will not shut up. 

Ultimately I know that it's my decision, but ultimately I also know that God orders my steps. And I know I can go wherever I want, but I want to go where HE wants. Because that has always worked out the best for me in the past. 

So here I am, thinking about racing non-stop and thinking about my future non-stop. 

But it's not a bad thing. I have had loads of fun in the meantime. I just thought you all should know where I'm at right now. 

That's all for tonight! Time to sleep. I realized I really thrive on ten hours. And it is no easy feat to shoot for that much sleep every night, no sir. 

Goodnight! And thanks for "listening".  :) 

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