Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Fall :)

I love fall. Not as much as summer, but it's still great. And, being that today is October 1st, I have a little fun fall survey for you all!
I'm partially avoiding doing my homework, but guys. This is really necessary :)
Apple picking or pumpkin picking?
I have never done either!!! But I suppose apple picking. Not because I don't like pumpkins, but because you cannot eat them while you pick! ;) 
Favorite apple recipe?
Homemade applesauce, chunky!!! Mmmmm
Favorite pumpkin recipe?
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Or pumpkin pie :)
Favorite soup recipe?
uhhhh.... I don't even know. Not a huge soup fan!
Football: on TV or in the stadium?
Stadium!! Hoping to get to a BSU game this year!!
Favorite football team to cheer for?
BSU Broncos!!!! College football is where it's at.
Daylight Savings Time – love it or hate it?
eh. couldn't care less. except losing the hour of sleep is a bummer!
How do your workouts change (if at all) during the fall months?
Runners run. All the time. Through all kinds of weather. SO I just bundle up!
Favorite Halloween candy?

Any fashion essentials for fall weather?
Boots and tights and sweaters and scarves and mmmm don't get me started!!!
Do your meals change when the weather changes?
Not really. I'll probably start eating oatmeal more now! And canned pumpkin for days. 
Favorite fall dessert?
I like ice cream year round :)
Best thing about fall?
Pumpkin spiced lattes and the BEAUTIFUL trees!!!
Worst thing about fall?
The cold. I'm really a baby about it. 
Best thing that will happen in fall 2012?
Hopefully.... winning conference!

So far October has been fantastic! I had a GREAT practice today and really killed it... running six miles faster than I ran my three mile race on Saturday. I'm feeling pretty motivated. I'm off to take a bath do biology. 

Happy fall everyone :) 

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