Friday, November 11, 2011

Make a Wish!!

Today is 11-11-11! (In case you all didn't know). And I have been excited about this day for forever. But believe it or not, I actually forgot to make a wish at 11:11. 
Somehow, between 10:45 and about 12:00, I got distracted.
 I was pretty devastated. 

And you can probably all guess what I was going to wish too!

Tomorrow is nationals. This is it

I'm relaxing in our hotel room right now, waiting to go to our team dinner. We got back from running the course a little while ago. It was pouring down rain. (Now I remember why I don't want to live in the Seattle area! I hate the rain!) The golf course was a half an inch deep with mud and water. 
We were freezing. 

But its okay. None of that matters! And I can honestly say that right at this moment, I'm not nervous. I don't know why. The past week has been filled with nerves. But I feel.... ready. Ready to go and do what I came to do. And peaceful. 

All that matters tomorrow is who is best tomorrow. Who makes the choice to give everything they have. And that's what I'm going to do. 

And I'm not running for a title tomorrow. Yes, I want one. Yes, I will be racing. But I'm running for me. To see how far I can push myself. That's why I run. 

To wrap this up, I want to say that today is also Veteran's day. And I want to mention my brother in law, Anthony, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. He is one of the most honorable, brave guys I have ever met. A true hero, as all of our veterans are! 

Okay. I'm done rambling. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. 
And by the way....

My sister Naphtali, after hearing that I missed my chance to make my 11:11 wish, 
told me that she made hers, and it was for me :) 

So that's about the sweetest thing I have ever heard, and I'm covered :) 

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