Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I love being home. 
I love feeling comfortable. 
I love driving my car again.
I love the food here. 
I love that tonight, Liberty and I made peppermint bark!

And a tofu pumpkin pie.... 
We're a little health obsessed, and we do that kind of thing. 
I swear, it tastes just as good! 

Liberty had a hard time with pinching the crust :) It's surprisingly really hard! 

 I love that our tree is finally up!!! (Thanks daddy!) We still have to decorate :)

I love my family, however crazy they are!
And it's so good to see them all again :) 

Some other great things about today? 

107.9 and Delilah (she makes the holidays ten times better!)
A new haircut... bangs!
Twilight, for the second time :) 

And tomorrow I'm getting up way early to run a 5k downtown with my friend Laura before all the Thanksgiving festivities begin! So I better call it a night :) 

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