Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Light Parties, Twilight, and Christmas Cookies!

So I know that everyday I'm supposed to post something that I'm thankful for,
 but yesterday got away from me a little bit! 

But I am thankful for all the good memories I made yesterday :) 

Last night my school put on a black light party for all of the students, and since one of my roommates was in charge of it, I went to help set up and check it out. It was actually really fun! We were covered in glow in the dark marker and paint at the end of it! :)

This is us getting being silly and getting ready for the dance, 
before being covered in glow stick paint!

I left the dance a little early though to go to the Twilight premiere with some other friends! That's right. I think it's actually the first premiere I have ever been to in my life, and I'm not even obsessed with it! Unlike the people who were literally camping outside of the door for hours just so they could get first choice of seats... And no, I'm not kidding. Even in such a small town like this! It was totally a random decision to go, but I'm glad I did :) It was a great night!

Class at eight a.m. this morning, however, was not so fun.
 Especially since I didn't got to bed until three thirty... 

After class I came back to the dorms to sleep for a little while. And I woke up to my roommates jumping around and telling me that it was snowing!!! That was actually a great way to be woken up :) 

The rest of the day has been super relaxing. We went and worked out...I really needed to do something, because I have been feeling so sluggish lately! Even though its our "off week" in between cross country and track, not working out was kind of killing me. So I just did some elliptical, biking, and lifting. No running still, so technically I'm still resting... :) 

And just now, my roommates and I baked cookies! Chocolate chip with peppermint :) Let me tell you, it was no easy feat without a mixing bowl, an electric mixer, or a cookie sheet! But they taste AMAZING. Much better than they look :) 

We also bought pumpkin cookies, christmas oreos, and those christmas cookies that come in the tin. So yeah, we went a little crazy I guess. But it was snowing, so we couldn't help it :)

To finish off this post... Today, I'm thankful that right now I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, and I can totally trust God with that, even if sometimes I question myself. 
It's a good feeling to just trust Him :) 

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