Sunday, March 31, 2013

So Long Spring Break!

I flew north for Spring break, and, 
though the weather was better than expected, 
I am thrilled to return to Boise’s springtime temperatures.

74 degrees today – right in time for Easter. I love spring!

I have had a lovely Spring Break – 
it was not the most restful, by any means, but definitely good. 

I love Northern Idaho. I love running along pine tree lined roads and the glistening rivers. I love my grandma and her charming little garden house. And I love catching up with people I went to elementary school with. It’s a little strange, but amazing.

I’ll spare you all of the details, 
but I thought that I would give some highlights of my trip:

Getting to hold my friend Amanda’s baby. We danced ballet together when we were little kids and had sleepovers and talked about boys.
 Now, she is married and has a daughter. Life blows by.

Lunch with my grandma and my friend Cheyenne in a resort hotel overlooking a beautiful lake. And a gourmet ice cream sundae for dessert. Followed by window shopping downtown.
And moose sightings. 

A successful 24 x 400 meter workout, that I genuinely had nightmares about the night before. I did it alone, and did 4 more than I was supposed to. 
I’d say I conquered it.

Exploring the tastes and restaurants of downtown Spokane – The most delicious Bison burger in a trendy pub and French cuisine in an adorable café.

And.... Getting my first manicure ever. I’m all about experiences!

Now, it’s time for a new adventure. Tomorrow, I begin my last quarter at TVCC. It will likely rush by like a whirlwind… I’ll be traveling every weekend for track, tying up loose ends in student government, and getting things ready for next year. 
But I want to enjoy the moment. 
Make it last as long as possible.

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