Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunshine Addict

 Today, my Sociology professor made a reference the t.v. show My Strange Addiction and commented on how society's view of addictions has changed. Previously, things were only considered addictions if people actually had physical withdrawals. Science has allowed our understanding of addiction in the brain to increase, however, and we can scientifically measure how humans become addicted to weird things. Like eating toilet paper. Or sleeping with the hair dryer on. I'm not making those ones up. 

Well, I think I'm addicted to the sunshine. Seriously. I am one hundred percent happier when it's sunny outside. Add warm temperatures, and I'm on cloud nine (where did that expression come from, by the way?)

When it is not sunny, I experience major withdrawals. Take today, for example... The last week leading up to today was blissful - seventy degrees and clear, sunny skies. I thrived in every way possible. Nothing phased me. Track practices - even grueling track workouts and repeats - were a breeze. My body just feels better when it's warm and sunny. 

I don't even mind my ugly tan lines. I'm growing to like them, actually.

But today, well... today the sun was nowhere to be found. The temperature hovered around 53 degrees. It felt a lot colder. I felt a lot colder. 

It's no matter, though. Because I know that spring is finally here to stay. I hear birds outside my window every night. And it smells like spring. 
And I'm running my first 5k on the track. 
And that definitely means its spring. 

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to western Oregon with my team for a track meet on Saturday. These weekend trips are exhausting - traveling roughly 18 hours in two days, getting little sleep, pushing my body to its physical limit - a whirlwind, yes, but so worth it. 

I will be running the 5k sometime Saturday afternoon. And I'm so excited. And I am never excited to run a 5k on the track. So I know something magical is going to happen. And its going to be sunny. 

I'll keep you posted!

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