Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Would Jesus Do? Seriously.

W.W. J. D. 

What. Would. Jesus. Do. 

You've seen it on billboards, bracelets, and t-shirts. 

It's a catchy slogan. 
In fact, I've heard people who don't even buy into Jesus saying it. 

I want to say it popped up during the 90s, but - let's be honest - I wasn't alive before that, so I could be wrong. 

When I was in fifth grade we all thought it was kind of dorky.
 I guess it still sort of is. 

But I also sort of think it's cool. The concept is great. I even have a bracelet that I wear when I race that says W.W. J. D. on it. Stylish, I know. 

But what does the phrase actually mean? 

And even more than that - how is it applicable to my life, here and now? 

I want to imitate Jesus in all aspects of life... not in just the obvious ways. 

So you have to bear with me, because I believe that EVERY part of life, even running, even going to Anthropology class, even folding laundry....... 
could use a little Jesus. 

And with that in mind, I have been asking questions lately. 


"If Jesus were a runner, how would he act?"
"If Jesus were running a race, how would he feel?"
"What would he think?" 
"Would he be nervous?"
"Would he want to be beat everyone?"

No, Seriously. 

"What would Jesus do????"

Well, I'll tell you what he wouldn't do. 

He wouldn't compare himself to the other athletes. 
He wouldn't worry that he wasn't going to perform well. 
He certainly wouldn't place determine value and his worth by how he performed. 

I think that if Jesus had to run a literal race, he would be remarkably calm about it. Sure, he may get a little jittery at the start. And he would do his best - I mean, he's Jesus. 

But he would know that,
 no matter how he performed, he had the love of the father
He would understand that it wasn't about how good he looked. 
That he wasn't running for his glory. 

He would be confident in the fact that, win or lose, 
God's glory would shine through him. 
He would be joyful. Because God delights in his children. 

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Spokane, and tomorrow night I'm racing a 10k. My favorite race. The race that I care the most about. This particular meet is HUGE. Tons of schools will be there, and the competition is fierce. 

But I don't want to be nervous. Or to worry. Or to put too much stock in it. 
Because it's not about me. 

It's about Him. 

How can you apply this concept to your own life? 
To your own job or hobby or relationship? 
W.W. J. D?

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