Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reasons I'm Thankful

I have so much to be thankful for today. 
I feel overwhelmed and blessed. 
And I need to pour my heart out. 
So here goes a long post.  

Things I feel thankful for today: 

1. I made it through an entire running work out (12x 200s) without any pain in my achilles. After a month of cross training, this is such a good feeling. 

2. Thus far, winter term is going SO well. I think I like my classes. I love the girls I live with. I have made so many new friends and am having a blast talking to people. I have gotten into conversations with at least thirty strangers in the last few days. I love it. 

3. I have gotten to start every morning reading the Bible and just chilling in the presence of God. And it's made all the difference. 

4. I have SUCH a good student government team. As president, I have a lot on my shoulders, and I'm honestly not cut out for the job. Though everything is working out, and I definitely filled a position that needed to be filled (someone was needed that could speak well at board meetings and could mend relationships with the Administration, and I like that kind of thing).... But I still get insecure about being in the position. Luckily, I have killer teammates who do hard work and get me by. We just spent a couple hours at Denny's hashing out ways to make our campus better. So great. 

5. I have a great coach. He has been so understanding of my injury. So helpful in helping me gain strength and be the best I can be. And today he pleasantly surprised me because.....

6. I get to go to Reno this weekend with my dad!!! He is going there to preach at a church, and I really wanted to go. But I would have to miss Monday's practice. I asked my coach very nicely, and he said "You NEED to go. You won't get that many opportunities to do something like that with your dad." I was so happy. He knows I would give my right arm for the sport, and the fact that he is relaxed in the off season helps me relax. 

7. I have learned so much this year about life. About balance. About taking care of myself. About what's important. Today, in my workout, I could have been stressed because I'm not speed oriented and therefore don't compare well to some of the other 200 girls... but I let it go. I just did my best. I could have worked out for hours in the weight room after until my body was exhausted. But instead I dead lifted, did some planks, rolled out my muscles, and felt great. I could have come home and gotten too busy to eat more than a protein drink and a banana, but instead I made sure I had that plus tons of other food. I could have spent all day thinking about my workout, but instead I thought about God and I hung out with friends and I focused on government and school and how beautiful life was. Balance. 

8. Everything I have learned has not only helped me, but I'm able to pour into girls who are younger than me that are struggling with some of the things I have struggled with. 
And I love being a mentor in that way.  

9. I have been given so many wonderful compliments lately, and I don't deserve them. But I definitely appreciate it more than the people who compliment me know. This morning, a very nice girl sent me a very encouraging text, and it made my whole day. 

I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. 

Life is so wonderful, and even though I know that this term will bring difficulties and sorrows along with the victories, I want to always remain thankful. 

Because I really am beyond blessed. 


  1. whoa you are the student president? how awesome! i am glad to hear your workout went well with no pain, always the best sign.

    1. Yeah I don't really know how I got into that position, but it's going okay haha! And thanks, I'm wayyy glad too!