Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Highlights

The last week has been a lovely mess of family, friends, and delicious food. 

I honestly cannot remember everything that happened, and I don't intend to write it all down. I have been so busy just living. Relaxing. Embracing life and little moments and holiday bliss. 

I had two Christmases, really. 

One on Christmas Eve, since my brother and sister in law could only be home that night...

And one on Christmas day. 

On Christmas, while we were sitting around the tree opening presents, a random lady walked through our door with arms full of presents. After staring at us for a few seconds (our tree is right by the door) she said "Oh, wrong house!" And went on her merry way. 

My sister and I decided to go see Les Mis that night, but we didn't think about how it would obviously be sold out if we got there only five minutes early. So we saw Lincoln instead. 
Definitely deep for Christmas, but still a fantastic movie!
The last few days have included my dad's birthday, my little sister's birthday, 
some shopping, and snow!!!!!! 

We also made it to Les Miserables eventually.. 

I have pretty much lived off of sugar the last week, and I have been having to get early morning runs in (in the dark and snow) for them to actually happen. But its all working out! I still have tons of family in town, but everything will chill out around New Year's. I'm loving the spontaneity life has brought me lately, though. I'm unorganized and not in control of everything. 
And I love it!!! 

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