Monday, February 18, 2013

The "Why" Behind the Workout

After two years of almost daily practices, long charter bus rides, and a few deep conversations, my track coach knows me pretty well by now.

He knows, for example, that I like to know the “why” behind the workout.
Every time he gives us a new workout to do, he turns to me and begins explaining the science behind what we are doing. He explains why we are going the pace we are going, the reason for the specific recovery time assigned, and the goal of the workout.

He has learned that it helps me to know, and he accommodates me graciously.

I think that often times, in life, we want to know the “why” behind everything.
I am always asking God why.
Why, God, would you want me to do that?
Why would you want me to go there?
How will this benefit me? How will this benefit the kingdom?
Why on earth would you allow me to feel this way?
Why why why.
I want every little detail explained to me.

Unfortunately, God doesn’t work the same way my coach does.
God’s ultimate goal is a relationship with us. A relationship of trust.

He doesn’t always explain the why behind things.  

God simply wants us to trust him. To know that he is the ultimate “coach” and that his plan for us has a purpose behind it. This is a difficult concept for me to grasp, but I know that if I trust him, I will be able to run forward with confidence. I will be able to make it through the rough times, knowing that I will benefit in the end (even if I don’t know exactly how I will benefit).

The Bible does not say that everything happens for a reason.

But it does say that God will make all things work together for the good of those who love him according to his purpose.
That’s enough assurance for me. 

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