Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are You Listening?

You know those days when you cannot seem to formulate the right words? When you try to make a joke and end up tripping over the punchline? Or when you mean to give someone a compliment but it comes out more like an insult?

Sometimes writing is like that for me. Sometimes my thoughts come together perfectly, and I can articulate everything I want to say... Other days I cannot seem to write a coherent sentence.  This whole last week I have felt like that. I had so many thoughts swirling around my head, and I felt like God was speaking to me , but I couldn’t seem to put any of my ideas together.

Today, however, everything clicked. The things that I have been trying to figure out how to say finally came together. I felt as if I had seen the light. And I realized something:

When you can’t figure out how to articulate a thought or an idea, WAIT. God is probably not done speaking revelation to you. He probably wants you to listen – not speak. If you wait on Him and listen, he will reveal things to you and whisper in your ear. But don’t expect to receive revelation if you always want to do the talking…

Here are some things God has been speaking to me: 

There is no such thing as a perfect theology. There is, however, a perfect God. Pursue Him. Don’t ever think you have it all figured out.


Don’t think too much – unless it’s about God’s love. Thinking too much can be a serious trap and can lead to depression. But meditating on His love is refreshing and encouraging.

Like I said, these are things God has been teaching me and things that I have been learning, but I hope you all can benefit from them as well.

What is God speaking to you today? Are you paying attention? 

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