Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching Up!

I cannot believe that its already almost the end of January. The month has completely flown by... probably because I have been so busy! 

But I miss blogging. So here's to catching up!

1. It was a little rough getting back into the routine of school after the long Christmas break. The first week back was stressful, due to a seriously heavy course load... but I figured out how to fit everything in, and I am finally getting into the flow of things.

I will just have to spend all my time in math lab (check) and take advantage of every free moment I have!

2. Though school has been out of control busy, I have loved this term so much. Why? New friends. Everywhere I go, I keep meeting new people. And I love it. I can't even explain how much. My roommates kind of tease me for always wanting to be at all the little dorm social events to meet people, but in my mind, ice cream + new people = tons of fun.

3. I am taking a creative writing class this term, and I seriously LOVE it. All I want to do is sit around and discuss literature and get to write, and everyone in there is the same way! Its fantastic. I don't even care if I'm a nerd because I think that!

4. Running has been... a challenge lately. I won't go into all the details, but I'm beyond burnt out, and I'm struggling to be positive. But my mom gave me the best advice last night... I shouldn't focus so much on trying to be positive. Its almost impossible to mask negativity. Instead, I should just focus on being Christlike in everything I do. And think about things that are true, and lovely, and right, and pure. Then being positive will just come naturally!

But I ran in my first ever indoor race Saturday. So that was a new experience.


Today, we had to go on a run in a blizzard. A crazy snow storm. It should have been miserable, but it was the most fun run I have been on in a long time!!!! We braved the elements, almost freezing to death but doing it nonetheless. We even stopped at Baskin Robins (just for a minute, and we stopped our watches, don't worry!) to sample ICE CREAM. Yes, ice cream is still good even when you are covered in snow.

5. I turned 20 on Sunday. That's right, 20 years old. That is the beginning of a new decade.

A decade in which I will finish my college degree, get a real job, likely get married, and possibly have kids. I am no longer a teenager.

To celebrate, we went out to lunch at Flatbread after church and then had TCBY (my favorite) for dessert. This was actually my second birthday celebration... Last Sunday we had a birthday brunch because my dad would be out of town on my actual birthday, so he wanted to give me my presents early.

I was so blessed by everyone.
I got a message Bible (which I absolutely LOVE), money, an amazon gift card, Mike and Ikes, and frosted animal cookies! (My sisters know the way to my heart!)

6. Most importantly, I found out the BEST NEWS!

As you can read earlier in my blog, my very good friend Lyndsay was diagnosed with Leukemia at the  beginning of the year, which led to the beginning of tons of prayer and hoping for a good report after her first round of chemo. Well, the report came back 0%!!!!! SO GOD IS SOOOO GOOD :) Its still going to be a fight for her, as she has to continue chemo through May, but at least the cancer is gone! "He surrounds us with songs of victory!"

So much other stuff has happened. Some good, some bad. I have learned a lot and grown a lot, and this year has only had 24 days so far!

All I know is that over and over again this year, God has been answering my prayers so faithfully. And that is something to be thankful for.

Hopefully I will be blogging a lot more soon :)

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